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Pogo Pogo 03:02
The stars were shining brightly as the sun went down There a magic feeling in the air and all around town It’s time to meet the boy she loves who comes from Rome Who smells of summer days and Hi Karate cologne She held him for the first time on a Saturday Night And took him by the hand and squeezed it tight, she said There’s only one thing I wanna do with you And I know what you want, cos I want it too And we can do it all night... Pogo pogo, hey my Italian boy Pogo pogo, I’m gonna pogo with you Pogo pogo, hey my Italian boy Pogo pogo, I’m gonna pogo with you! Inside the Sistine Chapel where the tourists go Looking at the work of Michelangelo She’s happy taking pictures on her mobile phone Of the boy she’ll lead tonight into The Pleasuredome The first time she saw him outside The Colosseum She knew in her heart he was the perfect human being The first punk boy in Rome... The first punk boy in Rome... And he plays the bass guitar like Dee Dee Ramone
Can’t work out how long we’ve been together All I know is it feels like forever Were the TV shows still in black and white Did you take me dancing on a Saturday night? I can’t remember Do we make up, do we break up, how do we shake it up? How do we shake it, how do we make it... up Everydays like the last day of Summer There must be something that keeps us together And what it is well I just can’t remember Was it ever there, did we ever care?
Red Light 03:11
Red light, I gotta hold on tight Yellow light, now you are in sight Green light, this is the perfect time To fall in love with you! Look left, look right Hold tight, it’s alright Well I’m counting down the hours till I see you again (Can’t wait to be with you) I got my foot to the floor, and I’m breaking the law (Just got to be with you) Give me your loving Give me your heart Give me your loving now Right from the start Turn the radio up, a little louder I’m gonna rev right up to you Chewing out a rhythm on my bubblegum The sun is out and I want some Chewing out a rhythm on my bubblegum Your still the boy for me
You walk into the record shop Can’t wait, to see what they got You find a 7 inch single you’ve been looking for Under a cardboard box Now you get home from the record shop And you shaking and your feeling hot And you can’t wait to see what you’ve got It’s the one you’ve been waiting for I get it out of the bag I take it out of the sleeve I hold it up to the light I got something to do That’s much better than you On a Saturday night 7 inch plastic, one sided fantastic Colour sleeve collectible and always beautiful I asked the boy from Lowdown Kids He told me it’s worth 20 quid Julie’s got a new 7 inch single The worlds a better place today now Pink vinyl, such a lovely shade There were only 500 made And the singers had them under his bed For the last decade


FORMATS: 7" Single [Red Colour Vinyl] [Numbered Limited Edition of 500 copies] / Digital Single


Here at Elefant Records, we are absolute fans of HELEN LOVE, and it’s no secret. It’s not just because of their addictive, spot-on songs, but because we identify completely with their hedonistic, carefree, youthful philosphy that their lyrics and attitude give off. This new 7” limited-edition, red-vinyl single is new proof of just that. And if there’s any doubt, look at the title track, “Pogo Pogo”, a song composed with Ricardo Autobahn, a British producer specialized in remixes and mash-ups, who plays with the group in live shows. We see ourselves jumping and dancing like crazy in the first row while our beloved girls shout that “The first punk boy in Rome... And he plays bass guitar like Dee Dee Ramone” to the rhythm of crazed techno-pop.

The rest of the songs are every bit its equal, as you can image. “Make Up, Break Up” is an impetuous song full of humor about the moment of breaking up that has all of the styles that HELEN LOVE usually plays: punk, bubblegum, disco, indie-pop, and eighties sounds, with those amazing vocoders on the bridge. “Red Light” is one of the best pop-punk songs that we have heard in a long time, full of the anxiety and urgency to see a person you want to be with, that manages to get immediately inside your head and pierce your brain with those speedy guitars and Ramones spirit. Finally, the B-side closes with “Julie’s Got A New 7 Inch Single”... Yes, a song about the incredible pleasure of going to the store to buy a new vinyl, taking it out of the cover, and playing it for the first time. All of this is an invitation to listen to one of the best singles that HELEN LOVE has put out in their career. And their most steadfast fans already know that is saying a lot. Now, go enjoy!


released September 1, 2014



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